We explore possible accommodation options for your guests!

You are having your special day in Bali, and cannot wait for your friends and families to join in on one of the most significant occasion in your life.

For some of you, it may be a small and intimate wedding gathering, with the total number of guests falling below twenty. For others, it may be a lavish and luxurious affair, with close to a hundred guests flocking to the Bali to celebrate the wedding.

An important question weighing in your mind, as well as all of your guests, is:

What are the guest accommodation options available?

Join us, as we explore a variety of lodging options that you and your guests can undertake!

Bali Villa Wedding

Bali Villa Wedding

Villas: Indulging in Spacious Luxury

This may turn out to be one of the most convenient options for you, particularly if you and your groom have your hearts set on making a villa the wedding venue of your choice.

There are several factors that are worth considering, if you are keen on exploring this option. Firstly, you need to determine the turnout of guests at your wedding.

How many people are you planning to invite? If you are keeping the event an intimate one, it is likely that you may decide to rent a villa of a smaller size, with a total of two to four bedrooms. In this situation, you may have approximately two to six other people lodging together with you in the compounds of the villa. (Note that this number is an estimate, as certain villas may permit the installation of an additional bed in the bedrooms of the villa).

If you and your groom are having a large-scale wedding celebration in Bali in a villa, you may have a look at renting larger villas with capacious interiors and grounds suitable for hosting numerous guests and a variety of entertainment activities. Most of the time, these villas contain a total of eight to nine bedrooms, and can accommodate up to about sixteen additional guests.

Apart from your immediate family members, you may want to ask your close friends or relatives if they would like the option of paying for a room at the villa, instead of seeking external accommodation elsewhere. After all, it will provide them with greater ease and accessibility to attend your wedding, and they can also enjoy the comforts and splendour that only a stay in a private villa can offer.

Bali Wedding Hotels Resorts

Bali Wedding Hotels Resorts

Hotels and Resorts: A Variety of Lodging Options!

A small number of guests may reside with you at the villa for the duration of your wedding. However, what about the remaining guests?

Well, they may seek accommodation in the hotels or resorts located near to the wedding venue of your choice. Often, these hotels and resorts offer a variety of lodgings, ranging from hotel rooms to private villas within their compounds. There is one thing to note – be sure to offer your guests specific driving locations to your wedding venue, as certain villas, especially those located in the remote cliff-tops, are not easily accessible.

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