Regions in Bali

Uluwatu BaliRice terrace


Located at the Southern tip of Bali, the Peninsula draws tourists with the presence of its white sandy beaches and renowned surfing spots. Ask any experienced surfer, and he or she will tell you that Balangan and Bingin are two surf spots in the Peninsula that are not to be missed.

Compared to the South of Bali, the nightlife in the Peninsula is quieter and laid-back. Unlike the lively entertainment spots in Kuta or Seminyak, the streets in the Peninsula are lined with restaurants, and a greater variety of luxurious and discreet clubs or bars.

Locations in the Peninsula:

Bukit Peninsula BaliJimbaran Bali

South Bali

The southern coasts call out to all who love the sun, sand and sea, and are keen to explore the nightlife in Bali! It is not hard to figure out why the South of Bali draws hordes of tourists every year (the highest number of tourists among all the regions in Bali!), for it houses a variety of stunning beachfront resorts,  popular shopping belts and bustling nightlife districts. We only offer one tip – make your way here, let your hair down and party hard!

Locations in South Bali:


Central Bali

The central regions of Bali are the most mountainous part of Bali. The mountainous central regions of Bali is known to be a culture hub. Arts and history buffs should not miss on visiting this region, for it contains a myriad of sights and attractions that provides one with a deeper insight into Bali’s history and culture. You will enjoy taking in the sights of beautiful ancient palaces, the monkey forest, unique temples, as well as quirky local arts and crafts shops. Keep a lookout while you are out and about, for you may be able to witness traditional ceremonies held in the streets…

Locations in Central Bali:

  • Tabanan
  • Ubud


North Bali

Some may reminisce the older days of Bali, before it arose to become one of Asia’s most popular tourist destination. Tourist crowds were much less dispersed, and commercial buildings and bustling streets were unheard of. If you fall under this category, and want to seek respite from a hectic urban lifestyle, North Bali may be the perfect region for your idyllic vacation. Set your sights on the traditional villages and Dutch colonial houses dotting across the region, and enjoy the peace and tranquillity that the North has to offer…

East Bali

The eastern region of Bali will delight those who seek the thrill of exploring natural landscapes, ranging from rocky, volcanic areas and gravel plains, to dense forests and black sand beaches. Apart from a multitude of scenic attractions, this part of Bali is also home to a number of mystical temples…

Locations in East Bali:


West Bali

Nature enthusiasts will not be able to resist the siren calls of the western region of Bali, for it is home to the West Bali National Park, a large protected reserve containing a wide variety of flora and fauna. Try out trekking and bird-watching, for these are great ways in which to explore and admire the beauty of the reserve. Beach lovers will enjoy their stay here, for the quieter beaches along the coast are ideal for diving and snorkelling, while beaches with strong surf breaks make for perfect surfing spots.

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