Got a question on the cost factors related to your villa wedding in Bali? We tell you what you are paying for, and why you pay for these factors!

In my previous article on the costs of having a villa wedding in Bali (and a related cost infographic), I mentioned a selection of fees that are imposed by the villa management or owner when you choose to hold your wedding in a villa.

I’ve received a significant number of questions from all of you about these cost factors: “Why must I rent the villa for a minimum of three nights? Why do I have to rent it for five nights or more, during specific months of the year? What is the banjar fee for? Why am I required to pay an event fee when I rent the villa?”

These are all important questions to raise, and I thought I would do up an FAQ article, to answer your queries on these cost factors:

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Event Fees:

When is an event fee imposed, and what does it cover?

An event fee is charged when a social gathering is held within the compounds of the villa, and the guests attending the social event is more than twice the sleeping capacity of the villa.

The fee usually covers one main event, as well as a second pre-event or post-event gathering held on a smaller scale.

How much is the average or standard rate of event fees charged?

The event fee imposed may vary to a large extent, depending on several factors such as the scale of the event and the size of the villa. The event fee may fall within the range of US$ 300 to more than US$ 1,500.

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Banjar Fees:

What does the term ‘banjar’ mean?

The term ‘banjar’ means neighbourhood, and it refers to the local village community in Bali. There may be numerous village communities within a single region in Bali, and each community is led by its own village leader. A banjar community is usually made up of fifty to two hundred individual family units.

Why do I have to pay the banjar fee?

Most villas are located in residential areas. The fees are given to the village community that the villa is located at, in return for their approval to hold the event within the premises of their village. The local community will also provide assistance for the event, such as by helping to maintain the security at the areas surrounding the villa, or helping to secure the area that the ceremony is held at.

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Minimum Stay:

Why is a minimum stay imposed for holding my wedding in a villa?

The minimum stay imposed for an event provides your wedding planners and vendors with adequate time make preparations at the villa and to ensure that all event set ups are in place. It also gives them additional time to remove the set up, and to ensure that the equipment and furniture in the villa have been restored to its original state for daily use.

The minimum stay also makes it convenient for the bride and groom to prepare and enjoy themselves before, as well as after the day of their wedding.

Why is the period of minimum nights’ stay longer during certain months of the year?

Typically, the period of minimum stay required for holding an event in a villa is three days. However, this period applies only for low seasons. For high or peak seasons, you may expect the duration of minimum stay to range from five days to seven days.

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