We spill the details about Day-of-Coordination wedding packages!

We’ve talked a little about Day-of-Coordination wedding packages in our first article in the Wedding Planner Series.

Undoubtedly, brides and grooms-to-be are curious about what such wedding packages entail.

What can they expect of their wedding planners? Will the planners be in-charge of overseeing the schedule and events on the actual day of the wedding, or are they also responsible for certain aspects of the wedding planning? What does the wedding planner take care of on your special day?

We spill the details in the following paragraphs!

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1. Pre-wedding: What are the aspects that your wedding planner is in-charge of?

Getting in Touch with Wedding Vendors

If you are bringing in your external wedding vendors that your wedding planner has not worked with previously, he or she should review the contracts from each individual wedding vendor.

They should arrange to contact the vendors at least one week before your wedding, and obtain contact information for each vendor.


Your planner should conduct a rehearsal about one or two days before the day of the wedding. A rehearsal may seem too much of a hassle to some, but it is helpful in allowing the planner and the wedding couple to identify any potential hiccups or mis-scheduling in the programme of the wedding event.

This also serves as a good opportunity for the wedding planner and the couple to iron out all the details in the programme, and to ensure that both parties have arrived at a mutual agreement about the wedding schedule.

2. What Should Your Wedding Planner Provide?

Wedding Planning schedule

Detailed Timeline

Your wedding planner should collate the timeline or schedules from each individual vendor, and come up with a timeline for your wedding day.

This timeline should be approved by the all wedding vendors, the wedding couple, as well as their friends or family members helping out in coordinating their wedding event. It is ideal that a copy of the schedule be handed out to everyone attending the rehearsal of the wedding party.

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3. It’s the day of your wedding! What are the aspects that your planner should be in-charge of handling?

Your planner should arrive at the venue before the wedding event, to supervise and coordinate the event set up among the different wedding vendors. They should guide the vendors, and to answer any queries that may arise, to minimise any confusion about the event schedule.

It is ideal that the planner inform the wedding couple, wedding photographer as well as the DJ or band before the start of different event segments. For example, these parties should be notified when it is time for the bride to make an entrance, for the wedding cake to be brought out, or when it is time for the bride to toss her wedding bouquet.

Lastly, it is crucial that your wedding planner help to usher all guests to the next venue, after one segment of the event is over. This will help to ensure that the start of the reception is not delayed. In addition, the wedding photographer should be notified of the appropriate timings and venues for taking photography shots.

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In our next article, we will be talking about the following aspects related to the Full Service wedding packages

The macroscopic aspects of your wedding that your wedding planner will plan and coordinate:

– Budget

– Wedding Venue

– Wedding Vendors