We present a quick overview on transportation options!

Chapels and churches, beaches and gardens!

When in Bali, one cannot help but ask: ‘Where should I have my dream wedding at?’

The charming Island of the Gods offers such a great selection of wedding venues that there is no wonder it is fast becoming one of the most popular wedding destinations within the region of Southeast Asia.

You may be very keen on making one of the above-mentioned locations your dream wedding location (wait till you find out all about quirky, exotic places that you can have your wedding at!), except for one problem – there are no accommodation options at these venues!

Tirtha Luhur Chapel

How do you get your guests residing at different locations to arrive at the venue of your choice?

We say – don’t let the hassle of arranging accommodations or transportation for your guests hold you back from choosing these locations for your dream wedding event!

After all, it is not difficult to figure out about the different transportation arrangements that can be made.

If you are engaging the services of a wedding planner, it is likely that they will help to coordinate the rental of vehicles. In most cases, they will offer a selection of transportation, ranging from limousines (we cannot think of a flashier way to arrive at a wedding venue!), to cars or buses.

Important Factors for Consideration

There are two important factors of consideration when it comes to arranging transportation for your guests – the number of people, as well as the duration of vehicle rental.

private bus

Number of Guests: What kind of vehicle should I rent?

For the transportation of guests ranging between the numbers of six to ten, it is recommended that you hire a car to bring them to and from your wedding venue. The costs for car rental vary between the companies, but you can expect to pay about US$ 25 – 35 for a duration of approximately five hours.

If you have many guests residing at a similar location, it is best that you hire a bus to bring them to your wedding venue. It will cost an approximate amount of US$110 for a duration of five to six hours.

Duration: How long should I rent the vehicle for?

If you are intending to transport your guests for the wedding ceremony, a duration of one or two hours should make for a sufficient rental duration. On the other hand, if you want to offer them transport to different locations for both the wedding ceremony and dinner, we would suggest that you hire the vehicle for approximately eight hours.

Rental Charges: What do the rental charges include?

For most companies, the stated rates include the fees for the rental of the vehicle, driver, as well as fuel charges. Generally, you are required to pay about ten percent of the stated rate if you exceed the stipulated rental hours.