We call out to the wild and adventurous, seeking the most exotic wedding experiences in Bali!

Elephant Safari Park

What’s ranking at number six on Discovery Channel’s top ten list of best wedding destinations?

We’re giving you some hints – you will be surrounded by lush, tropical greenery. Your feet is lifted off the ground as you and your loved one sit atop something rather large and gray, with a slow, ambling movement.

If your enthusiastic answer is, ‘the Elephant Safari Park, of course’, then bingo, you have hit the nail on the head!

Sitting atop a large elephant in the safari park is one of the most adventurous wedding ceremonies, with an irresistible appeal to brides and grooms seeking a unique wedding experience of a lifetime.

Envision a vow-taking ritual conducted under a beautiful pergola set in the heart of the Sumatran elephant park. Enjoy every minute of the stunning view before your eyes, as the elephant saunters on steadily. Balinese umbrella boys and pretty flower girls, attired in traditional costumes surround you, followed on closely by musicians stringing melodious tunes on their instruments.

We find ourselves wishing for such a wedding ceremony too! ; )

Culture Park Statue

Garuda Wisnu Kencana

The impressive structure of Vishnu’s head and torso stands amidst an expansive park measuring approximately 100 hectares. The statue stares nonchalantly ahead, oblivious to the stares and gapes of the crowds who pass by.

This statue, currently standing at a height of 22 metres, is a half-completed project. It was created with the intention of becoming a magnificent structure, depicting the scene of the Hindu god Vishnu riding atop a winged Garuda.

The incomplete parts of the statue lie at random locations within the cultural park. Garuda’s head and shoulders, lying on a lower platform next to Vishnu’s torso, serves as a popular spot for photo-taking. The hands of Vishnu, with both index fingers pointing skywards, are placed at a spot near the entrance of the park.

The splendid surroundings of the cultural park are not the only attraction drawing couples towards holding their dream wedding amidst its grounds. Jendela Bali, a restaurant located within the compound, is a favourite among the lovebirds.

It boasts an array of well-designed function rooms and dining areas, making it ideal for wedding dinners and receptions.

Apart from the functionality of the restaurant, we have been told of another good reason to head there –  our highly reliable pool of foodies have given us a heads up about a fantastic crisp duck dish at the restaurant!


Jungle Wedding

Tropical Jungles

You seek an outdoor venue, but do not quite fancy the idea of having your wedding by the beach. In your mind, you picture a wedding in an expansive landscape with verdant greenery, shaded under a leafy canopy of towering trees…

If you will take our suggestion, we shall chip in: “How does a wedding in the great outdoors of the tropical jungles sound?”

After all, the bevy of stunning beaches are not the only attractions that beautiful Bali boasts. It will be a huge pity if you do not discover her other charms, one of them being the abundant tropical jungles that are dotted across the island.

Our resourceful guides trekking through the jungles of Bali have regaled tales about the breathtaking beauty of the Negara Jungle, situated at the western regions of Bali, or of Singaraja Jungle, located up north.

If the notion of having an exotic wedding in the wild jungles appeals and excites you, we say – go on ahead!

If these venues ain’t your cup of tea, check out our selection of dreamy villas for your wedding here