Here are the basics that you need to know, if you want a Bali beach wedding!

Gaze upon the clear skies, and watch as the winds draw intricate pretty swirls across surface of the deep blue sea! Inhale the fresh, salty breeze, as you feel fine grains of sand under your feet.

A beach wedding is a thought that crosses the minds of many couples thinking of having their dream wedding on tropical Bali.

It is easy to see why, of course – don’t the pristine beaches and beautiful sunsets does make you feel as if you have stepped into Paradise on earth?

However, the reality may differ greatly from your expectation, as there are certain aspects that all brides and grooms-to-be should review, before deciding on having a beach wedding ceremony:

Beach Wedding Sunset

1. Privacy Ain’t Guaranteed!

Beaches are considered to be public domains in Indonesia. As such, it is not ensured that you will be able to conduct your wedding ceremony with a high degree of privacy, away from the eyes of inquisitive beach-goers, even if you were to conduct your ceremony within the compounds of hotels or resorts.

This does not mean to say that you will not be able to find a private spot, or a suitable location to conduct a beach wedding.

An option that you can consider would be to plan a wedding at private villas or resorts that are located within close proximity to beaches. This will enable you to conduct a ceremony in a venue that allows you and your guests to overlook the vast sea.

You can also inquire with, and hire external wedding planners not engaged in services with the hotels or resorts in Bali. These planners are able offer you a variety of options, and provide a truthful review of the different beach venues that they can offer. Generally, it is advised that couples avoid highly popular beach attractions, such as  Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Canggu, Sanur and Jimbaran.

2. Keep Your Guests Cool and Comfortable

Are you inviting any guests to your wedding ceremony at the beach?

If you are, do take note that certain beaches, apart from those that are within the grounds of hotels or resorts, may not have proper facilities. In such instances, it may be rather uncomfortable for your guests to attend your ceremony at the beach, especially if it lasts over a longer duration.


3. Rain, Rain, Go Away!

The image of darkened skies and looming, grey clouds on the day of the wedding ceremony is one that is bound to send brides and grooms-to-be in a tizzy. For sure, no one wants to have their perfect beach wedding ruined by gloomy weather!

Make sure that you have made alternative back-up plans in case the Rain Gods are intent on being uninvited guests on your special day. You may arrange for a tent or marquee to be set up at your wedding venue along the beach, or plan for alternative indoor locations situated nearby.

If you are a believer of traditional cultures and practices, why not engage the services of the famed rain-stoppers of Bali?

Talk to your wedding planner, and it is likely that they can recommend the services of these seemingly mystical men. It may sound bizarre or peculiar, but we have heard of accounts the rain-stoppers creating a successful diversion of rain after conducting their rituals!

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