We spent a lovely day at a fun-filled wedding celebration at Villa Bayuh Sabbha! We joined in the wedding ceremony during the day, and mingled around during the cocktail reception in the evening.

Here’s how the rest of our evening went…

Outdoor Dinner Reception

Villa Bayuh Sabbha Wedding

The outdoor setup in the garden of Villa Bayuh Sabbha was beautiful. Colourful bouquets of flowers adorned dining tables decked in white table cloths, adding a bright pops of colour to the simple and classic setup. Streams of lanterns hanging over the dining area created a pretty sight and romantic ambience.

What was on the menu?

We enjoyed a buffet-style dinner at the villa. Traditional-looking booths were set up within the garden, and guests were free to help themselves to a wide selection of scrumptious dishes. These are some of the delectable array of dishes that were on the dinner menu…

Segara Soup, Babi Guling, Nasi Pandang, Nasi Liwet, Udang Bakar Sereh, Pepes Ikan Tuna, Opor Ayam, Rendang Sapi, Telur Pindang, Ayam Betutu Bakar, Sate Lilit, Ketupat, Lontong, Jukut Ares, Jajan Pasar

Babi Guling

Babi Guling

Ayam Betutu Bakar

Ayam Betutu Bakar

Wedding Beverages

…and beverages…

Mineral water, Tonic water, Soda, Juices, Beer, Coffee, Tea

Here’s a glimpse of the program schedule for the evening:

Sample Schedule

Dove release
Bouquet release
Grand entrance of the bride and groom
Traditional Balinese dance performance
Traditional Balinese dance performance
First dance
Post-wedding party commences

Balinese Dance Wedding