Here’s an introduction to wedding videography packages for your Bali wedding!

Apart from the wedding venue, the wedding photography and videography are most possibly factors that rank high on the list of important factors of all brides and grooms!

After all, photographs and videos capture special moments of the wedding, allowing the couples to relive fond memories years later.

If you are thinking of having a video done on your wedding, but are clueless about where or how to start, don’t fret – we present a short Q&A article on wedding videography packages!

Wedding Videography

Where can I engage a videographer from?

There are a variety of vendors providing videography services. You may hire a videographer from:

  • Wedding Photography Studios

  • Wedding Venues (Yes, certain wedding venues provide a package containing a variety of services, such as wedding photography, videography, makeup and hairstyling.)

Wedding Videography Bali

Bali Wedding Videography

How much can I expect to pay for wedding videography services?

The price of wedding videography services depends on factors such as:

  • length of the video

  • duration of filming process

  • number of staff involved in the shoot

  • the equipment used in filming the video

  • format in which the video is presented

You pay expect to pay prices averaging at…

  • US$ 2,000 for 8 hours of consecutive filming

  • US$ 3,000 for 12 hours of consecutive filming

  • US$ 4,000 for a full day of filming (approximately 15 hours)

Wedding Videography Bali

Wedding Videography

I know nothing about wedding videography packages! What are the costs and elements included in a typical package?

It is hard to state what a “typical” videography package is like, as the components, prices and results offered by different videography vendors may differ to a large extent.

Here are some elements that are commonly listed in videography packages:

1. Equipment used:

In basic packages, the following equipment may be used:

  • DSLR

  • Camera Slider

  • Audio recorder

  • Tripod or Monopod

A more comprehensive videography package may include…

  • LED lighting for night use

  • Crane

  • Camera stabiliser

  • Fast lens

2. Staff involved in videography shoot:

You may expect one videographer to be involved in a basic videography shoot lasting about four hours. For more complex videography filmings, a total of two to four videographers may be involved.

3. Results of videography filming:

Your wedding video may be presented to you in different formats. Certain videographers will present the film in a DVD, MPEG 4 or Blu-ray format. They may also provide an additional back up copy, on top of the master copy.

You may expect a wedding video lasting between three to fifteen minutes. Certain videographers may also provide you with a documentation video of your wedding day (the length of this video may last between twenty to sixty minutes).

Wedding Videography Bali