Read on, to discover the myriad of gorgeous wedding venues that Bali has to offer!

 1. Villas: Spacious Luxury

Picture a large, expansive garden overlooking the sea. The seaview is unobstructed and breathtaking, the clear waters extending endlessly into the horizon. When dusk beckons, the skies become a fascinating sight, turning into a colourful palette containing shades of pink, purple, orange and blue.

Many yearn to hold their weddings at one of the many villas located in Bali, as villas contain facilities such as private pools and lush, tropical gardens. In addition, villas provide a private and intimate setting for the couple to host their loved ones and wedding guests.

Banyan Tree

2. Hotels and Resorts: Offering Ease and Convenience

Apart from villas, hotel and resorts offer picturesque locations that are perfect for weddings. This is an ideal option for those who prize convenience, as you get to enjoy the ease of access to a variety of facilities, without having to worry about transporting the items that you need for your wedding from one place to another.

In addition, it will be easier for you to arrange the accommodations for your family members and guests, as they can reside in the same hotel or resort that you are holding your wedding at throughout their stay in Bali.

Noah Chapel

3. Chapels: Surrounded by Modern Balinese Architecture

Are you looking for a suitable location to hold a religious wedding or blessing ceremony indoors, and yet, are not keen on abiding by the formal ceremonial processes usually conducted in churches?

If you answered ‘yes’, then the chapel is an ideal location for you to host your wedding!

The air-conditioned interiors of chapels provides you and your guests with welcome relief from the tropical warmth outdoors, and allows for wedding couples to don formal wedding attires, as they often have elaborate designs made of heavier, thicker fabrics.

Not being able to hold your wedding in the splendid outdoors in  Bali does not mean that you are compromising on the aesthetics! There are many chapels in Bali boasting eye-catching exteriors and asymmetrical lines.

We can relate endlessly of chapels with pristine white interiors, charming indoor ponds, and clear, large window panes that allow you and your guests to enjoy the captivating seaview that Bali is famous for.

Beach Wedding Blue

4. Beaches: Enjoying the Best of Bali’s Beauty

Mention beach weddings, and the image of a white, sandy beach, clear, blue skies and an endless horizon of the turquoise sea is immediately conjured. Who wouldn’t want to have a beautiful wedding on the tropical beaches of Bali?

However, the reality of having a beach wedding may greatly differ, depending on the location of your choice. Under the law, beach fronts are considered to be public property, and no single individual or entity is entitled to owning any stretches along the beach. As such, even if you were to hold your wedding in the compounds of a hotel or resort, there is no guarantee that they can you will be ensured privacy during your wedding ceremony.

If the notion of having a gorgeous wedding amidst the beautiful beaches in Bali is too much to resist, it is recommended that you organise a smaller-scale wedding, and make backup plans in case of of any unexpected weather changes.

Dreaming of a romantic wedding in Bali? There’s no better venue to hold your wedding in, than in a beautiful wedding villa