Villa weddings do not always have to be big, pricey affairs!

Mention a villa wedding in Bali, and the following image comes to mind – an extensive wedding ceremony and reception in a lush, sprawling lawn, filled with numerous guests amounting to numbers as large as a hundred.

Gasp in amazement as you step into the spacious interiors of the villa, for it is furnished in a tasteful blend of modern and Balinese elements, and promises to provide a stay fit for royalty.

It is not difficult to imagine the high costs involved in holding your wedding in such a luxurious and exquisite setting.

However, we would like to debunk the common perception that having your wedding in a villa will leave you with a large hole in your wallet. After all, there are a wide variety of villas in Bali, and a selection of them are suitable for holding intimate wedding events of a smaller scale.

Small Villa

Small Weddings: A Cosy and Intimate Affair

What’s in these villas?

There are villas suitable for accommodating a smaller number of guests. These villas often have a total of three to four bedrooms, and contain facilities such as a private pool, garden or  gazebo.

How much should I expect to pay?

The costs of these such villas usually fall in the range of approximately US$ 350 – 500 per night. Apart from accommodation costs, you may need to set aside a sum for a function or event fee, which is usually charged at the daily rental rate of one night’s stay in the villa.

You may also be required to pay an additional charge, known as a banjar fee, for hosting an event in some of these villas. The banjar fees vary for villas of different sizes and locations, but usually fall within the range of US$ 80 – 450.

Apart from the rental and event costs, you will need to pay for other aspects, such as wedding planning, decoration, fashion, floral services, catering, or any other wedding services that you require. Certain villas may be able to arrange a dinner for you within the comforts of your villa, or in a restaurant located in the compounds of the villa.

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