We bring all you flyaway brides and grooms the best tips on ensuring that your wedding dress travels well!

1. Leavin’ on an Airplane

Each airline has their own policies about the transportation of wedding gowns and suits on board as a hand luggage. Certain airlines will allow you to bring your attire on board, as long as you pack it well, and help you to keep it away safely with no additional charges.

On the other hand, there are airlines that will insist that your dress is transported as a checked-in luggage. The latter option may or may not incur additional charges.

If you do not want to check in your dress as additional luggage, you may opt to pack your dress in a box, and leave it up on the overhead storage during your flight.

Wedding Dress Packaged

2. Rollin’ Along on Four Wheels

You have just arrived at the airport, and are making your way to your wedding destination by car, along with a series of packages and luggage. How do you ensure that your dress travels safe?

If your wedding dress is stored in a bag, you can hang it up, or drape it over the top of other additional packages and luggage. If your attire is stored in a box or suitcase, make sure that you do not leave any other items on top of the box.

3. Sailin’ Across the Seas

If you do not want the hassle of transporting your dress along with you on the car or plane, why not send it sailing across the sea?

Shipping your attire to your wedding destination is a convenient option for brides and grooms traveling to a far-away location.

However, do take note to to ship your dress over at an earlier timing, to allow for possible time lags caused by the public holidays or customs inspections. Also, insure your wedding attire (especially if it is an elaborate gown or suit tailored for your special day!) to ensure that you are compensated, in the unfortunate event that the dress is lost.