Ready for your very first cycling tour in Bali? Make sure to read this article before your start!

You are all excited to go on your very first bike tour in Bali! There is only one problem – you are bursting with questions about the aspects that you should look out for.

Don’t worry – just read on, for we have compiled a quick guide to help you kickstart your cycling adventure!

I’m excited! Where are the places that I can head to for my first bike trip?

It seems as if most cycling tours are held in Ubud, the cultural hub of Bali. (To find out more about the places that you can expect to visit on a bike tour, read this article. )

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I’m here with my family. Are bike tours suitable for kids and the elderly?

Yes, these tours are a great way for you and your family to explore the sights and sceneries in Bali together!

It is recommended that young children below the age of five occupy the baby seat on a bicycle. Depending on the cycling skills of the child, children from the age of six of seven may ride a bike on their own.

Review the cycling itineraries offered by the bike cycling companies to find a package that is family-friendly, or ask to be recommended leisurely tours that take you on gentle trails and pathways.

Do all companies offer personal insurance?

The policies vary between the organisations. However, certain companies do offer personal insurance, for a coverage of up till US $35,000 for individuals between the age of one to sixty-five years.

Are biking tours conducted in large numbers?

Again, this depends on the organisation that you book a package with. However, for safety reasons, we recommend that you opt for a tour that is conducted in smaller groups of about ten cyclists per tour. It is a good idea to select tours that provide two guides for each session (one to lead the tour, and another one to cycle behind the tour participants, especially if you are bringing along younger children, so as to ensure that no one gets lost or left behind.


What should I wear and bring along for the bike tour?

Sporty attire in light fabrics are recommended for the tour, as well as comfortable walking or sports shoes. Do bring along sunblock, sunglasses and a hat to provide shade from the tropical sunlight.

Do the tours provide any necessities required for the cycling tour?

Yes, they do. This may differ, depending on the organisation that you book a tour with. However, most tour companies will provide biking equipment, safety helmets, rain coats, refreshments such as mineral water and fresh fruit, as well as a meal at a local restaurant at the end of the trip (usually lunch).

Are there any other tips or advice?

Make enquiries at several organisations, so that you can pick a tour that includes attractions that you are interested in exploring, as well as a tour route that is that is suitable for you and your family members.

If you are not used to a physical activity, or if you are cycling with young children or the elderly, we recommend that you select a tour that provides facilities such as a van that travels alongside the group throughout the tour. In the event that any participant feels unwell or is unable to continue the tour, he or she can hitch a ride in the van to the final destination of the cycling leg.

Now that you have read the guide, you are all ready to embark on your cycling journey with your friendly and conversational guides. We only have one last thing to say – have lots of fun!

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