Go local with these three pampering massage treatments!

Join us, as we take you through a series of treatments and therapies that will leave your skin soft and glowing, your body lithe and limber, and your mind calm and at ease.

Javanese Lulur

Our team of experts have let us in on a beauty secret that we will gladly share with you – the traditional Javanese Lulur treatment. This treatment was reputedly used by the preened and pretty ladies of the Royal courts for centuries.

The lulur treatment starts off with a massage, often using a luxurious blend of essential oils and fragrant flowers. This enjoyable process is followed on with a full-body exfoliation using traditional lulur recipes, consisting of a mix of sweet-smelling items such as rice husks, turmeric, jasmine flower petals and sandalwood.

The lucky ones who have undergone these treatments can attribute the new-found glow in their skin to the selection of ingredients used. These elements contain a multitude of beautifying benefits – the peppery turmeric, of a vibrant yellow hue, holds antiseptic, skin-cleansing properties, while rice powder is renowned for its gentle exfoliating properties.

Often, rose or jasmine petals and oils may be included, for it leaves an irresistible fragrance on your skin.

Your lulur treatment will end with a relaxing soak in an aromatic flower bath, filled with a myriad of pretty petals, seasonal blooms and herbal leaves.

Balinese MassageBalinese Boreh Ingredients

Balinese Boreh

We move on to experiencing the next delight – the Balinese Boreh, a pampering full body massage treatment that starts off with an exfoliating scrub.

After the scrub, the therapist moistens her palms with nourishing essential oils, and begins the massage, which consists of a total of four different massage techniques. She starts off with effleurage, a soothing, stroking movement often used to warm up the muscles at the start of a massage treatment.

Next, she progresses on to kneading, using slow, rhythmical movements applied with greater strength, the pressure reaching down to compress your underlying muscles. The third movement, known as tapotement, is usually administered using the edge of the hand to improve one’s nervous system and lymphatic drainage.

The session draws to an end with pressure, whereby varying degrees of strength are exerted onto various pressure points on the body. This stage may cause some pain, especially when pressure is exerted on the more sensitive regions of the body.

However, the adage, ‘no pain, no gain’, does apply here, for you are rewarded with a body relieved of its daily stresses and tensions at the end of the treatment.

Massage room 1Massage spa room

Jamu Massage Treatment

If the Javanese Luhur or Balinese Boreh treatments are not to your liking, don’t fret, for there is one more option that you can take.

We are referring to the Jamu treatment, a practice originating from the palaces located in Central Java. ‘Jamu’, translating to refer to herbal remedies that are administered both internally and externally, is a deeply rejuvenating process that begins from the moment you step into the therapy room.

Inhale the fragrances of the essential oils, and be swayed to a deep state of restfulness by the slow beats of tribal music playing softly.

This treatment comprises of various stages, and starts off with a dry massage. The therapist starts off a second round of massage, incorporating the use of a massage oil made by mixing a blend of essential oils with a base oil.

If the relaxing massaging processes of the Jamu treatment does not seem appealing, the many benefits this treatment purports, such as alleviating stress, as well as promoting circulation and a general sense of well-being, may just tempt you into taking up a package.