Team Wedding-Bali presents five essential tips to help you search for your perfect wedding caterer!

1. Availability

The first question that you need to ask is: Is the caterer of my choice available on the date of the wedding reception?

If you are planning to do a search for caterers on your own, we would advise that you start your research for suitable food caterers or vendors at least nine months before your wedding.


2. Stickin’ to a Budget

It is essential that you get an approximate idea of the total catering costs involved for your wedding. Draw up a budget for your caterer, and ask if they could customise a package that will meet your needs.

Do pay attention to the aspects that are or are not included in a specific package, as these factors differ from one caterer to the next.

Lastly, quiz them for the payment details, as well as for any hidden costs involved in the package, for you do not want to be shocked by unexpected charges included in the final bill. Fret not, if you are uncertain about the questions that you should raise, as we have prepared a handy list:

  • Is a deposit required? Is it refundable?

  • How many parts should my payment be made in, and when is the final payment due?

  • Am I required to pay for a minimum number of meals, regardless of the number of guests that turn up for the wedding reception?

  • Will you be able to increase or reduce the number of meals required, to adapt to a change in the turnout in the number of guests?

  • Do you impose any additional charges for any changes made to the catering package (eg. if alcohol is brought in externally, or if I substitute the wedding cake with one purchased from another vendor)?

  • Does the final price include all additional taxes?

  • How are overtime fees charged and managed?

  • Are there any additional service charges not stated in the package?

Table Set up

3. Do A Quality Check

Make a request to have a look through their portfolios. This will help you to assess if the caterer that you are communicating with has sufficient professional experience, commercial facilities and qualified staff to cater for your special event.

A portfolio is a great way to review their past catering experiences, but do not just take their word for it! Make it a point to trawl through various social media platforms, as customer comments and testimonials serve to provide a more accurate insight. Looking through the blog posts also gives you a better idea of the food and events that the company has catered for in recent months.

4. Have A Taste!

Make time for a tasting session! Apart from getting to sample a variety of yummy food, such sessions allow you to assess the way in which the items are styled and presented. If you feel that there is room for improvement, have a chat with the chefs, and find ways in which you can incorporate your own ideas to tweak the existing menus.

5. Going the Distance

Are the caterers of your choice located close to your venue, or do they need to travel over a distance?

Asking these questions will help you to consider other aspects, such as the condition of the food after it has been transported over a distance, or if your guests may arrive before the food is prepared. If the food is not prepared onsite, you should also enquire about how your caterer plans to transport the food over, and how they are organising the transportation of the food.

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