Here’s a simple introduction for those of you dreamin’ of a wedding chapel ceremony in Bali!

The simple, crisp outlines and pristine whiteness of the chapel contrasts sharply against the backdrop of ocean waters of a deep, dark blue hue. Hold your loved one’s hand, as the both of you stride across the pathway leading to the entrance of the beautiful chapel, your footsteps, filled with anticipation and excitement, rising and falling in a slow rhythm.

If you are one of the lucky couples or wedding guests who have attended ceremonies at the iconic Infinity Chapel in tropical Bali, you will not find the above scene to be an unfamiliar one.

Tirtha Luhur Chapel

Introducing the Chapels…

Beautiful Bali has much more to offer, of course. Make Tirtha Luhur Chapel your dream wedding location, if you want your ceremony in a spacious and expansive setting, with an unforgettable and spectacular view of the Indian Ocean. If you have a keen eye for design, and a taste for unique architecture, you may want to consider having your reception at the Diamond Chapel, its name arising from the intricate structure and design of its pavillion.

Often, chapels rank high on the list of venues, for couples who prefer to have an informal religious wedding ceremony, as more formal receptions are usually held at churches.

What Services are Included in a Chapel Wedding Package?

For most venues, these packages are inclusive of ceremonial services required for the wedding, such as hiring a priest, as well as procedures relating to the civil registry. Certain wedding chapels may incorporate additional vendor services, such as a photographer, makeup and hair professionals, catering, wedding attire rentals, as well as accommodation in their packages.

Chapel Interiors

What are the Facilities Available in a Wedding Chapel?

The chapel is part of a large resort, which provides for nice photo opportunities throughout the resort.

Wedding chapels prove to be attractive venues for couples who value ease and convenience, as there are several facilities, such as preparation rooms for the wedding couples, allowing them to prepare for the wedding in the cool comfort of air-conditioned interiors. The bride and groom are not the only one given a respite from the tropical heat – at most chapels, there are cosy waiting rooms or lounges available for the guests, ensuring that the wait for the ceremony is comfortable one.

For certain chapels, banquet rooms may be located within the compound of the chapel, allowing for couples to hold their wedding reception meals directly after the wedding ceremony.

Additional Features: Make Your Chapel Wedding a Lively One!

Apart from physical facilities, what are some other additional features that are included in a wedding chapel package?

If you and your bride or groom-to-be are arriving from abroad, and do not want the hassle of making special arrangements to have your wedding attire transferred over, you can browse through the selections of wedding gowns and tuxedos that are available for rental or sale.

There are also variety of entertainment options available, to ensure that your ceremony is a lively one. Fancy having live music at your ceremony? If you do, you can engage the services of a string quartet, or hire a live choir, and entertain your delighted guests with a chorus of angelic voices.