Feeling a little lost and clueless? Don’t be, for we have prepared an informative article to help you delve into the details of planning your wedding!

Hello everyone!

We are sure that it is an exciting time for all you brides and grooms-to-be, as you are filled with feelings of joy and anticipation about having your special day at one of the most scenic wedding destinations in the world.

Ah, beautiful Bali – mention her name and images of magnificent sunsets and lush, tropical greenery come to mind. It is no secret that she lures and tempts countless of wedding couples with her Balinese charms and quaint beauty…

Having a wedding abroad on the ‘Island of the Gods’ may be a dream event that many seek and desire. However, the task of coordinating a wedding abroad may appear to be a daunting feat, and put many couples off.

We say – do not be discouraged from carrying out your plans of having your dream wedding at Bali! Heave a sigh of relief, for we have asked the experts in this field, and present a set of handy guidelines to help you kickstart your foray into having your dream wedding abroad:

1. Budgeting is Key

This is a crucial aspect to review at the start of your planning process, as the budget determines many factors. Some examples would be the wedding venue, your wedding attire, the type of wedding vendor services that you want to engage, as well as fun-filled activities to entertain your guests.

This leads to the next question – what are the areas that you need to set a budget on?

First and foremost, start off by setting aside a budget for the wedding venue. Other cost factors that you need to plan for are expenditures for ceremonial and legal services, food or catering services, as well as other additional services that you require for your wedding, such as hair and makeup, photography, videography, event decorations and floral services.

Bali Wedding Outdoors

2. Picking a Venue

Bali presents a plethora of splendid locations that are ideal for weddings, leaving many couples at a lost for choice.

Villa weddings are a highly popular option, but there are an array of alternative locations that serve as superb wedding destinations, such as beaches, wedding chapels, hotels and resorts.

3. Delving into the Details: Legalities

This is a subject that perplexes many couples who intent on having their wedding at Bali.

We understand perfectly, of course, as the mention of the term “marriage legalities” often raises an endless array of questions: How do I ensure that my marriage in Bali is legal and recognised? What are the necessary documents that are to be prepared? What are the restrictions that may be imposed, based on religious or visa issues?

We are not the ones getting married, but the thought of the above-mentioned questions made us feel like tearing our hair out.

However, fret not, for, on your behalf, we have undertaken the hefty (and uneviable) task of navigating through heaps of legal information. Luckily for you, we present a series of clear and informative articles on the legal aspects that you need to take note of prior to your wedding.

4. When Should I Hold My Wedding?

Deciding on the best date and timing to hold your wedding requires careful thought and precise planning.

You need to take note of the climate changes in Bali, and keep in mind to avoid holding your wedding during the monsoon season. In addition, couples who are cost-conscious should also take care to avoid getting married during the peak tourist periods, as prices for accommodations, transport and wedding venues often undergo a mark-up.

Bridal Attire

5. Vendor Services: How Do I Pick Trustworthy and Professional Vendors?

Yet again, this is another topic that raises a multitude of enquiries: How do ensure that I engage the services of a wedding planner that best meet my needs? Should I opt for external catering services for my villa wedding? How do I ensure that I pick a wedding photographer that is professional and reliable?

Oh boy – the list of enquiries relating to this issue is infinite and non-exhaustive.

Fortunately, we have an extensive list of trusted vendors to work with, and we take on the task of probing them with an endless array of queries (and of course, we are always happy to answer any questions that you have!).