We bring you the sights and delights that a cycling tour provides!

How better to explore the remarkable sights of Bali, than to breeze through the less-travelled pathways on two wheels?

We are referring to embarking on a cycling tour, of course!

Discovering a Different Side

For those keen on discovering a different side of Bali unexplored by the larger majority of tourists keen on beach-hopping or shopping, going on a cycling tour is a trip that you must include on your travel itinerary.

Many who have embarked on these cycling tours relished their experiences of roaming about through less-travelled locations on Bali. We do not wonder why, for it is a great way to be exposed to a myriad of sights, experiences and attraction sites.

Getting a Dose of Kopi Luwak

Coffee in bali  Coffee plantation

Most cycling tour will take you on a loop to view the expansive coffee plantations. Gear up your tastebuds for a sample of the renowned beverage, Kopi Luwak, which translates to mean ‘civet coffee’ in English. Prized for its rarity, this variety is known to be one of the most expensive coffees in the world.

The selection and digestion processes undertaken by the lithe and furry creatures are said to improve the coffee, which is often described to possess a flavour that is less acidic, and has less body compared to other varieties of coffee. (Some critics have dismissed the Kopi Luwak as being unspectacular, but we think that such preferences are highly subjective. Besides, we are always game to try something new and exotic!)

Breezin’ By a Volcano

Several bike tours will take you across pathways revealing splendid scenes of Mount Batur. Glance into the distance, and you will discern the gentle peaks of the active volcano reaching up into the skies, almost as if it is reaching to touch the fluffy clouds drifting by. The scenery promises to mesmerise during the magical moments of sunrise and sunset, as shades of red, orange and yellow colour up the clear blue skies.

mount batur  Penglipuran village

Balinese Villages: Cultural Sights, Local Delights

Bike tours offer more than mere glimpses into the natural attractions within Bali!

In most cases, one can also expect to gain cultural insights into the practices of the locals.

The next pit stop on the cycling tour often involves a visit to the local villages. One may have the chance to cycle through villages such as Penglipuran, which presents all visitors with a look into the traditional houses and settings that the Balinese locals used to reside in. Take your time to enjoy the views of orderly rows of houses and lush greenery in this well-preserved village.

Other bike tours may bring you to other villages, such as Petulu, Junjungan, Peliatan and Nyuh Kuning. Slow down as you make your way through the tranquil backroads in the village, as you watch the artistic Balinese work on wood carvings or paintings.

You may be feeling a little tired out from the long cycle, but pedal on, and you will be rewarded with the dazzling view of rice paddies. From afar, the farmers appear to be like miniature figurines, and the rice fields look like steps on a staircase sloping up to reach the skies.

It has been a long journey, and we suspect that your stomach is starting to growl and rumble.  Well, the long cycle sure works up a healthy appetite! Take a seat at the restaurant with your fellow cyclists, and be ready to feast on a selection of local delights to fill up your ravenous tummy.