We poke and probe about the wedding shoots, and gather the best insights!

The inquisitive team behind Wedding-Bali probe around behind the scenes, and quiz a series of wedding photographers on the best tips and advice that they have to offer on the widely-discussed subject of wedding photography:

Wedding-Bali: What advice would you give to couples who want to capture good images during their formal wedding photography sessions, or while they are on their honeymoon?

Answer: Contrary to popular belief, a digital SLR may not be the best option. Firstly, its bulky size makes it rather inconvenient to bring about. Also, it is a complex equipment, and requires that the user possesses a certain level of professional knowledge about photography, in order to capture good images. I think that a high-quality compact camera may serve as a better alternative for couples going on a honeymoon.

Another important factor is the time that you choose to take your photographs. Take them during the “golden” hours of the day – the very first hour after after the sun rises, as well as the last hour before sunset.

Professional Photographer

Wedding-Bali: How can wedding couples ensure that they pick a photographer that best meet their needs?

Answer: Well, I would suggest that they make a request to review the full album of several wedding events that the photographers have shot.

Usually, the photographer will present a portfolio that includes their best works. These images may have been collected over an extensive period of time, and are taken from shoots at various settings. It may not be an accurate reflection of the quality of work that they can offer for a typical wedding shoot on a regular basis.  

Wedding-Bali: Are there any non-technical advice that you can offer to couples who will be having their pre-wedding photography shoots?

Answer: Yes, of course! Dedicate enough time, so that you do not rush into engaging the services of just any photographer.

Each image captures a special moment and emotional connection between you and your partner, and these photographs are “seen” through the eyes and perspectives of the wedding photographer. It is important that you take your time, and build up a rapport with your wedding photographer.

Lastly, relax and enjoy yourselves during the shoot! A wedding photography session is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so soak in the atmosphere, have lots of fun, and enjoy every single moment of it.

Sunset Photography

Wedding-Bali: Sunset wedding photography shoots are extremely popular in Bali. What are some of the best locations to carry out a wedding shoot?

Answer: Opt for a beach that faces west, as this will ensure that your photographer can best capture the beauty of the sun as it starts to set. Take note that popular attractions, such as the beaches in Kuta, Legian and Ubud tend to be extremely crowded. It is very difficult to capture a perfect shot of the entire landscape of an empty beach.

The beaches in Sanur and Nusa Dua face eastwards, so it is rare to capture stunning sunset images there. It is best to discuss your expectations in detail with your photographer.

Wedding-Bali: Apart from the portfolio, what other aspects should couples look out for when deciding on a wedding photographer?

Answer: Quiz them on the equipment that they are familiar with, and will bring along to the wedding shoot. Sunset photographs work best with a wide lens, and not every photographer carry along a variety of suitable lenses.

Review their work closely, and make sure that you can find sunset wedding photography works that you like in their albums.

Take note to read the details of the contract, and to examine all costs carefully. Will the photography package include an album? Will the digital files be included, and will they be any extra charges imposed for additional equipment or assistance required during the shoot? These are some important questions that you need to consider. You do not want to have any unpleasant “surprises” after you have signed the contract.