We catch hold of a couple bridal gown designers, and ask them to dish out their handiest tips!

Wedding-Bali: What are the most important accessories for a bride?

Answer: I would say that one accessory that brides should definitely not skimp on are shoes. You will be standing and moving about in them all day, and no bride wants to be limping about on a feet full of blisters on her special day.

Also, choose an accessory that holds special meaning for you to wear with your wedding gown. It could be a brooch passed down from your grandmother, or a bracelet that was given to you from a close friend. Wearing accessories that are significant to you will help to add a nostalgic touch to your wedding.

Wedding-Bali: What are some handy fashion tips that you can dish out for brides-to-be that are about to embark on their first gown-shopping trip?


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1. Know Your Body!

Gowns are designed by different body shapes and sizes, so knowing your body type will help you to narrow down the selections of wedding gowns that you want to try on.

It will be especially helpful for you to bring along a list stating the type of dress cuttings or styles that you currently wear, and that you feel highlights your best physical attributes. This checklist serves as a focal point, and provides you with a theme to work around with in your search for your dress.

2. Know Your Personality!

Brides are often told to select gowns that best flatters their body type. However, I find that a bride’s personality is also an important factor that they should consider. You should find a dress that matches your personality, and makes you feel dazzling and confident.

Don’t fret if you cannot find the perfect wedding dress! There are many accessories that can help you to perfect your look. Play up an exuberant and fun personality by adding on sparkly embellishments! On the other hand, brides who want to sport an edgy look can don an interesting piece of statement jewellery.

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3. Personalise Your Outfit!

There are so many accessories to choose from! If a simple gown with a classic cut is the outfit of your choice, embroidery made of materials such as pretty lace, pearly beads, or floaty chiffons will add a Victorian touch to your dress.

I think cropped jackets are a great way to accessorise a strapless gown. If you find cropped jackets to be too hot for Bali’s tropical weather, you can opt for embroidered sleeves in a light, breathable fabric.

Wedding-Bali: Here’s our final question for you – how should brides-to-be plan their bridal gown shopping trips?


Make sure you bring along a variety of supportive undergarments that can be worn under dresses of different cuts. Trying the gowns on with the right undergarment will give you an exact image of how you will look on your wedding day.

Also, keep the party that you ask along on your bridal shopping trip a small one. Too often, brides-to-be end up in a dilemma and find it difficult to decide when they receive too many comments.

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