Join us, as we take you through a series of buoyant dance and musical acts!

Fireworks: Set the Skies Ablaze

Fill up the velvety night sky with bursts of light!

We think that pyrotechnics and fireworks displays are great ways to start off a series of musical acts or live dances for the night. They are also ideal for entertaining guests during lulls in between different performances or ceremonies.  

Do you want to leave a lasting impression on your wedding guests? You can do so, by timing a fireworks display during cake-cutting ceremonies, or when you and your groom make your entrance for your reception dinner!

Bands: Jazz it Up

If you would like your event to be filled with lively music, why not book a live jazz band to play at your wedding?

These bands, consisting of about four to seven musicians, can usually play a variety of music, such as Samba, Bossanova, Pop, energetic Latin tunes and an upbeat Rock and Roll.

Here’s a handy tip – if you are unable to find a suitable band through your wedding planners, walk on up to the bands playing at your favourite bar, and ask them if they would like to tinkle some tunes on your special day!

Traditional Kecak Dance

Dance Performances: Get Your Guests Groovin’

Want to get your guests up and groovin’ to the lively beats of the music? If you do, professional dance performances are an option that you can include during your wedding event. Apart from being a great way to kickstart a night of fun-filled entertainment, it also helps to break the ice between your guests.

There are a plethora of performances that you can opt from, such as modern (R&B, Hip Hop) and contemporary styles, funky Cabaret dancing, Latin dances (Salsa, Mambo, Cha Cha), Ballroom dances (Tango) or even traditional Balinese dances (Kecak, Panyembrahma, Legong Keraton).

Fire Dancers: Playing with Burning Balls of Light

Watch those lithe and limber creatures sway to the beat of the music, their hands deftly swinging about balls of bright, burning flames!

Fire dance performances are a popular option among couples who are holding wedding dinners or events with a larger number of guests. We have heard of impressive performers who can perform these dances with a myriad of props and tools, such as fire pois, candle sticks, fire fingers, and even fire hula hoops!

Picture having a circle of fire dancers spinning their lighted props, surrounding a fire-spitting performer standing right in the middle of the arena. We will be surprised if this act does not leave all your guests in awe and amazement!

Balinese Traditions

Perhaps the entertainment options above do not entice you, and you find yourself thinking: “Well, fire dancing acts sure are impressive, but I would like my guests to have an insight into the local Balinese culture…”

We say – traditional musical acts and dance performances are options that you should not miss out on!


Balinese Music: A Mix of Local Delights


Gamelan refers to a traditional musical ensemble originating from certain parts of Indonesia, such as the islands of Bali and Java. A variety of instruments, such as xylophones, kendang, bamboo flutes, string instruments and gongs are usually played. Vocalists may or may not accompany these acts.


What a quirky name! What does the term ‘jegog’ refer to?

In a Jegog ensemble, musicians play on instruments made of bamboo. Selecting this option will help you to showcase the cultural acts of Bali, as this tradition originates from Jembrana, a region in Western Bali.



The rindik is a xylophone made of bamboo tubes in varying lengths and sizes, played using long, rubber-headed mallets. Soft and sweet, the soothing tunes of this instrument is usually played at the start of a wedding ceremony to welcome the arrival of the guests.

Batak Trio or Quartet

Are you having an intimate wedding reception, with a close circle of families and friends? Wouldn’t you like to entertain them with a harmonious blend of strong vocals and string instrumentals?

If you’ve said yes, then a Batak trio or quartet is the ideal entertainment option for your ceremony. Fun-loving and lively, the Bataks, originating from North Sumatra, are sure to add  bright sparks of smiles and laughter at your wedding dinner.

Caution: Abiding By the Rules

Do take note to run through any ideas that you have with your wedding planner, as well as the owner of the properties, before you make a booking with the entertainment vendors.

At some villas, the management may not permit certain entertainment acts so as to minimise any disturbance towards other guests. In addition, hotels may not allow for external entertainers to perform at your wedding, or impose a surcharge for couples bringing in entertainers that are not within their list of selected vendors.

Lastly, there is usually a curfew imposed on the activities held during events. These curfews, mposed by and agreed upon between the management of the properties and the authorities, are strictly enforced. As such, do make sure that all performances are well-scheduled so that you will not encounter any abrupt disruptions.