Read this if you are about to start on your search for the perfect wedding cake!

Fancy having your very own bridal cupcake tower, made up of miniature cupcakes with dainty decorations and beautifully-piped frosting? Or, would you prefer a towering wedding cake consisting of numerous tiers, complete with elaborate flower details and ribbons?

Join us, as we give you some tips and inspiration about deciding on your bridal cake!

Piece Together An Inspiration Board

Why not piece together your own inspiration board, by doing a search up on Google or Pinterest, prior to meeting your cake designer?

This helps you to better communicate the design that you have in mind to your cake designer, and it gives them a specific theme, as well as a greater variety of ideas to work with.

Honesty is the Best Policy

Keep communication channels open with your wedding cake vendor, and provide them with a clear and accurate budget estimation. Doing so will help to ensure that your wedding cake designer can best select ingredients, and work on a realistic design for your cake.

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Stackin’ It Up

Consider the number of wedding guests that you need to serve, before you decide on the optimal number of tiers that your cake should have. If you are planning to have a small wedding reception, but do not want to compromise on the aesthetics of your wedding cake, consider having dummy tiers to create the illusion of a taller cake.

Picking A Cake Designer: Know Their Styles

It may be helpful to think review and select your wedding cake designers, in the same way that you would select a fashion designer to tailor a gown for you.

After all, cake designers have their own signature styles too! Some cake designers are more adept at using specific ingredients to make a wedding cake and its decorations, so do take note to enquire if the cake designer of your choice is comfortable with the medium and ingredients that you would like for your wedding cake.

It is best that you review a collection of products that they have made previously, as well as the different kinds of cake decorations that they are familiar with making.

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