Let’s talk about an essential aspect of Bali weddings – bridal flowers!

Fresh, fragrant and delicate,

These beautiful blooms are often used to decorate,

You can wreath it, wear it and scatter it,

A wedding will be most incomplete without it!

What are we referring to? Why, we are talking about bridal flowers, of course!

Ask a bride to list the aspects of a wedding that she is particular about, and flowers are, more often than not, a factor on this list. Flowers are often used in the centerpiece displays, in bouquets, boutonnieres, flower arches, wrist corsages…the possibilities are endless!

There is no wonder that brides are often highly particular about the selecting the types and colours of the wedding flowers, as these pretty blossoms are a focal point in the decorations, theme and accessories of her special event.

Frangipani BouquetBali beach

Imported VS. Local Balinese Blooms

There are several varieties of flowers that are readily available in Bali. However, do take note that certain blooms are seasonal, and may not be available during the period that you are holding your wedding.

Flowers that are available all year round include the frangipani, orchids, lilies, tuber roses, and some other varieties of roses grown locally. If you find this selection of floral blooms too limited, or you would like to have your flowers in a greater variety of bright and colourful hues, you may need to set aside larger sum to have flowers imported from Java or other locations overseas.

Tuber rosesOrchid wedding bouquet

Caring For Your Blooms

Florists recommend that you have your flowers delivered to the wedding venue at the last possible moment.

One challenge you may face is to ensure that the flowers do not wilt during the photography shoots, and lasts well for the entire duration of your wedding event. External elements, such as the indoor temperature, the season, the temperature outdoors, as well as the brightness of the sun play significant roles in the lifespan of the wedding flowers.

However, there are some handy measures you can take to keep your florals looking their best on your special occasion.

Leave the bouquets in vases filled with water, instead of setting them bare on a tabletop in between the photography shoots. Also, if you have arranged for extensive floral decorations at your wedding event or photography shoot, you may want to consider hiring a florist to be present, so that replacement flowers and alterations can be made throughout the day.