Beautiful Bali has so much to offer! Come, as we bring you on a journey to some of the best places that this alluring island has to offer!

Where else better to begin our journey than from Denpasar, the bustling capital of Bali?

One can discern an eclectic mix of old and new in this modern city, as it retains the Dutch influences from their colonial rule in Bali and yet, is influenced by the variety of Asian cultures that reside currently there.

Museum of BaliPuputan square

First, let us make our way to an attraction that showcases the rich historical value and artifacts of this island, for what is travel, if you do not delve deeper into discovering and understanding more about the intriguing events and traditions surrounding a particular place? Indeed, it will be a pity to journey past Denpasar, without stopping by the Museum of Bali, and to take in the sights and knowledge that it has to offer.

Intricately carved monuments and statues stand in the zen-like garden landscape at this attraction. The four different buildings within the compound houses a variety of artifacts, such as theatrical masks, musical instruments, art works, sculptures and textiles.

Next, find your way to Puputan Square. A place of great significance, Puputan Square serves to commemorate a mass suicide undertaken by the royal family and the local Balinese in a determined protest against the Dutch invasion.

After gathering a wealth of insights into the rich history and culture of Bali, take a turn northwest. Make a lengthy but worthwhile trek towards the coastal areas, and you will find yourself pausing mid-way, as your eyes behold the magnificent view of the rock formation and temple structure standing before you.

 Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot, meaning ‘land sea’ in local Balinese, is an attraction that lures and draws countless of tourists every year. It is not difficult to see why, for the mystical temple structure perches atop a rock formation. Look forward to the precious moments in the evening as the sun sets over the horizon, as a palette of mesmerising colours is painted over the landscape.

Let us now move on from Tanah Lot, and steer ourselves towards the central regions of Bali. Once again, we find ourselves turning back time, as we obtain a first-hand insight into the lives and experiences of long-lost Balinese figures from the past.

‘Where am I heading to?’ You find yourself wondering curiously.

Lake-Bratan-bedugul-AreaBali botannical garden

You have now arrived at the historical village of Klungkung, once home to the Royal Courts of Justice. Enjoy a slow and leisurely walk about in the grounds of the park, and take in the sights of the charming pavilions and ponds dotting the grounds of the park.

Our final destination for today will appeal very much to the nature lovers amongst us. We end our adventure, by making our way to view the lush landscapes and local flora at Bali Botanical Gardens, located in Candikuning. The expansive green fields in the central highlands of Bali creates an ideal setting for a lovely and leisurely afternoon spent on sightseeing and picnicking.

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