Here’s a clear and concise answer to one of your biggest queries!

For couples who have had their hearts set on holding a religious wedding ceremony in Bali, an essential question that they will raise is: “Where are the venues that I can hold my ceremony at?”

The locations that you can opt for varies according to your faith. If you…

…a Protestant-Christian, lucky you, for you have the greatest selection of venue choices.

You may opt to have your ceremony at any venue on the island. Your choice of venue extends to off-island locations nearby, such as Lombok and Lembongan. Most wedding ministers tend to be obliging, and are willing to accommodate and travel to a variety of locations.

…a Muslim, you may also choose to hold your ceremony at just about any location on Bali, as the head in-charge of Muslim marriages at the Department of Religion, referred to as the Kantor Urusan Agama (KUA) is willing to perform a wedding at a wide variety of locations.

…believe in Hinduism, you must conduct your religious marriage ceremony at a Hindu Temple.

…are a Buddhist, your ceremonial rites may only be performed within the compounds of Buddhist Temples, as a variety of religious artifacts usually found in the temples, such as altars, may be required during the ceremony.

…are a Christian-Catholic, you are subjected to recent changes in the local regulations, which dictate that Catholic priests are no longer permitted to officiate weddings outside of Catholic Churches. Wedding chapels, considered to be commercial properties, are also excluded from the selection of venues.

Unlike previous Catholic couples who have been married in a variety of locations on the island, you are required to hold your religious ceremony in Catholic Churches.

However, there are certain ways of getting around this regulation.

Firstly, you may allow for a priest from Protestant churches to conduct your religious ceremony.

In addition, you and your partner may choose to conduct your religious ceremony in your home country, and opt to have a blessing ceremony in Bali. These ceremonies are presided over by celebrants, who are not considered to be official priests. As such, selecting this option will mean that your wedding in Bali will not be recognised as a legal marriage (religious wedding ceremonies are a part of legal weddings).