You put forth your questions, and we answer them as best as we can!

1. What are the best timings to hold a wedding in Bali? How is the climate in Bali like?

Most tourists visit Bali in the months ranging from June to September, due to the presence of lower rainfall and cool gusts of sea breeze.

Wet Season

The wet season starts in December, and lasts till April. You can expect a marked increase in rainfall in the months of December till February. Come April, there will be a fall in the humidity and expected rainfall. However, April is the hottest month of the year, with temperatures soaring to a maximum of approximately 33 degrees celsius.

Dry Season

June marks the start of a dry spell in Bali. This season usually lasts till September, with temperatures hovering between 31 to 33 degrees celsius. Similar to many coastal regions, Bali is blessed with gusts of cool, evening sea breeze that provide locals and tourists with a welcome respite from the heat in these drier months.

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2. What are the peak and lull periods for weddings in Bali?

The cool, breezy months of July and August welcome flocks of tourists to the tropical Islands of the Gods.

Tourist crowds hit a low in the rainy months of November till February, although there may be a spike in tourist arrivals during the festive holidays that fall in these months, such as Christmas and the New Year holidays.

3. How long does a wedding ceremony usually last?

The duration of the wedding ceremonies varies, depending on the nature and type of the ceremony held, as well as the religious practices that are conducted.

A simple ceremony may take a brief thirty minutes, while a more complex one, consisting of a variety of blessing or religious rituals, may last for a duration of one and a half hours. It is best to consult your wedding planner and to inquire about the specific rituals that you would like to have at your wedding ceremony.

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4. What are the best timings within the day to hold a wedding ceremony?

This varies according to the venue, as well as the type of ceremony that you would like to have at your wedding. Most couples like to have their wedding ceremonies held in between the timings between 10:00a.m. to 5:30p.m.

5. Help! I cannot decide on the time to hold my wedding ceremony! What are the essential factors that I should consider?

Don’t fret! Many couples stress over this question as they do not know how to begin, but here are a few aspects that you can look at:

  • What is the time that you want your dinner reception to start?

  • Do you want to include a cocktail hour before your dinner reception?

  • Is the venue of the reception located within close proximity to the venue that the ceremony is held at? If not, how long would it take for you and your guests to travel from one location to the other?

  • How much time do you need for your pre-wedding preparations?

  • Are there any other activities that you would like to hold, such as group photography session, bridal party or couple photography shoots?

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6. We want to plan our wedding from abroad. As we are running on a tight schedule, how many times are we advised to make a trip to Bali? When should we start our research and planning?

This depends very much on how elaborate you want our wedding event to be. Some couples want a grand celebration at a luxurious villa, with fun-filled events lasting a total of three days. Contrastingly, others may opt for a simple ceremony at a chapel.

Also, how hands-on do you intend to be when it comes to planning for your big day? Do you want to contact individual wedding vendors directly, or would you prefer to leave most aspects of the planning to your wedding planner?

The following questions above are some queries that will help you to estimate the amount of effort and timing that you require to organise your wedding from abroad.

We would advise that you schedule a minimum of two visits to be made to Bali. In the first visit, you can view the various venues that you want to hold your wedding at, and to experience the facilities that are offered.

After some consideration and planning, make your second trip to Bali, so as to confirm bookings at the respective venues and finalise arrangements with your wedding vendors for additional services that you seek (eg. pre-wedding photography shoots, make-up, floral decorations, wedding attire fittings, catering).