We present 5 quick tips that will transform you into a stylish groom!

1. Modernise Your Outfit: Go Dandy!

One of the latest trends this season is to sport a modernised look, often referred to as the ‘dandy’ style. It is a highly immaculate look that is characterised by well-fitted jackets and slim, tailored pants with shorter hemlines.

Throw on a couple of quirky accessories, to add a fashionable touch and lend a bright pop of colour to jazz up your outfit. We think that brightly-coloured socks, ties in eye-catching hues, fancy bow-ties or patterned handkerchiefs are perfect accessories that help to complete this look.

2. Create Uniformity

To ensure that you and your groomsmen’s attires are well-coordinated, opt for suits in similar styles and designs. Play around with unique accessories and a variety of colours, for these elements help to you to differentiate your outfit from those selected for your groomsmen.

wedding dress with tulipsBlue wedding gown

3. Shine the Spotlight On Your Bride

Seek your bride’s advice, and be patient when listening to her point of view. Also, the bride is often at the center of the attention on your wedding day, so take care to avoid choosing loud elements, such as bright colours or distracting prints, as they may draw attention away from your bride’s attire.

4. Start Your Preparations Early!

This is a question that we are often asked: ‘When should I start making preparations for my wedding suit?’

It is ideal to start as early as a year before the actual wedding. As the date nears, there will be an increase in the errands and minute details of the wedding day that you are required to carry out and oversee. As such, is advisable that you finalise your decisions about your wedding attire as soon as you can.

5. How Should Your Structure your Timeline?

Wedding suit  Wedding suit 2

One Year Before…

Keep an eye out for styles and designs of wedding suits that you are keen on. Keep communication channels open, and engage in discussions with your bride on a variety of aspects, such as colour themes and wedding attire styles. Also, do decide if you would prefer to hire or to purchase outfits for your groomsmen.

Eight to Ten Months before…

Come up with a list of formal wear shops that you would like to visit. Schedule a trip down to these stores with your bride and your best man, so that you can try on a variety of looks, as well as coordinate your outfits for the wedding day.

Also, make arrangements for your groomsmen to attend fitting sessions at the store of your choice. If you have yet to decide on a particular store, ask your groomsmen for their suit measurements first.

Five to Six Months Before…

If you are planning to have your suit tailored for your wedding, ensure that an appointment for a fitting season has been fixed.


One Month Before…

Schedule an appointment to have a haircut at least two weeks before your wedding day. Check that the final fittings for your suit has been scheduled, and that all accessories that you and your groomsmen will be donning have been purchased.

If you are not planning on purchasing a new pair of shoes, send the ones that you are planning to wear for a re-heel and proper soling.

One to Two Weeks Before…

Have your shoes been well-pollished? Are your suits neatly pressed, and hung up in a dry storage area?

If they are, then voila! You are well prepared to be a dashing groom on your special day.