Lookin’ for inspiration for your wedding photography shoot? Read on!

1. Let’s Take A Deep Dive for Underwater Shoots!

Underwater photography shoots are one of the most popular selections that brides and grooms go for!

We do not wonder why, for the images often turn out to be breathtakingly beautiful. During the photography shoot, brides and grooms-to-be, attired in their best, plunge into the depths of a pool, letting the photography capture them in a myriad of artistic poses.

Most couples opt to don their formal wedding attire when taking such photographs. However, you are not limited to taking the photographs in your bridal gown or suit, for there are a myriad of costumes that you can choose from. We think that traditional Balinese wedding costumes make for an interesting choice, and provides you and your groom-to-be with a perfect memento of your unique Bali wedding experience.

While such sessions present you with a collection of gorgeous shots, do note that these shoots can be rather exhausting. Often, the bride or groom is required to dive into the depths of the pool repeatedly, so as to allow the photographer to capture a variety of images.

We would advise that you do not make a booking for a shoot that last over an hour, as the repeated dives into the pool, in addition to the weight of your water-soaked wedding attire may leave you feeling drained and tired out.

Balinese Costumes

2. Sticking to Balinese Traditions

You and your bride or groom stand amidst the lush greenery, surrounded by Bali’s natural beauty. The photographer stands ahead, his finger ready to click on the shutter. However, unlike most other formal wedding photography shoots, you and your partner are not the only ones posing for the photograph!

Who else is included in the photo?

Why, we are referring to the local Balinese girls! Often present in even numbers ranging from two to four and decked in traditional Balinese attire, these girls stand by demurely, holding on to traditional Balinese umbrellas or bright floral blooms.

If you want to have your wedding photographs taken with these pretty and petite ones, we suggest that an optimal duration for hiring these Balinese flower girls would be an hour. Also, we find that these fetching flower girls are best featured in photography shoots taken at beaches, or at cultural venues containing elements of Balinese architecture.

Trash the Dress

3. Trash The Dress!

Mmm, what does this phrase mean?

We discovered that ‘trash the dress’ is a new trend that is becoming increasingly popular among Western brides. Taken after the day of the wedding, the brides participate in shoots at which the dress is ruined or ‘trashed’.

It may not sound appealing (why would anyone want to ‘trash’ their pristine wedding gown?), but the results of the shoots often turn out to be fabulous. We have come across captivating images of ‘trash the dress’ shoots taken along the beaches, with the bride emerging from the blue seas like a mystical sea nymph, or in the safari, seated atop a gigantic elephant.

If you are keen on taking such exotic, once-in-a-lifetime shots, do note that your photographer is likely to request that you bring your own wedding dress, as they tend to be disinclined towards having their selection of dresses soiled or ruined.