Have no clue about having your wedding at a stunning villa? Read on!

Mention the words ‘wedding’ and ‘Bali’, and most couples will envision a splendid wedding ceremony held in a villa, with gorgeous interiors and exteriors containing a unique blend of traditional and modern Balinese architecture…

A Villa Wedding is an Ideal Option For You if…

…You and your bride or groom-to-be desire a highly customised wedding.

Villa weddings are popular choices as they provide a multitude of options and greater flexibility, in terms of set-up, wedding decorations, catering and wedding activities. Unlike wedding ceremonies or events held at other venues, such as hotels or resorts, you are not restricted to a fixed list of wedding vendors, or limited to the elements listed number of wedding packages.

Dining Set Up  Flower Display

…Privacy and intimacy are two aspects that you value highly for your wedding.

In other wedding venues, such as hotels, the wedding event or ceremonies are usually conducted in reception areas, with other hotel guests in close proximity.

…Seek intriguing and exotic entertainment activities or performances during your wedding.

We have been witnesses to spectacular wedding dinner receptions led by a series of alluring fire dancers!

Fire Pit at Wedding Reception Fire Performers

Delving Into the Details

Now, you have had your heart set on having a wedding in a villa, no doubts about it. Let us look into the details, so that you do not miss out on crucial aspects that you need to consider!

Is the villa of my choice suitable for holding events?

This is a question that you will need to discuss in detail with your wedding planner. Some villa owners prohibit the rental of their villas for weddings, so be sure to check that the villa that events are permitted in the villa that you have set your eyes. Do take note of any limitations that may be imposed on the villas, such as curfews, or the maximum number of guests that can be accommodated.

Review the areas within the villa that you can hold your wedding reception and entertainment activities at, and ensure that there is sufficient seating and standing capacity to accommodate all your guests.

Are there any additional cost factors that I may not be aware of?

For most villas, event and banjar fees will be imposed. Do check with your wedding organiser for any other costs that may be incurred.

Location is Key

Keep in mind to consider the ease of traveling to the villa of your choice. Sure, the villa that is located along the cliff-top offers the most magnificent sea view that you have ever seen, but you (and your guests) may not appreciate the long and bumpy car ride to the wedding venue.

In addition, if you are not offering modes of transportation for your guests, do offer them specific driving directions to the villa that you have selected.