Here are our answers to your questions about church wedding packages!

What are the components included in most church wedding packages?

Wedding-Bali: The components of a wedding package may differ extensively, depending on how complex or elaborate you want your ceremony to be.

You may find that certain wedding planners offer a variety of ‘styles’ for your church wedding ceremony. Often, this refers to the style of decorations for your wedding ceremony, as some couples prefer to have the interiors of the church decked in traditional Balinese or modernised Western decoratives, and not the ceremonial processes involved.

However, it is best that you check with your wedding planner or the staff of the church, if this aspect is listed in your wedding package.

You may expect your wedding package to contain some or all of the following factors:

  • Pre-wedding meeting (for an explanation of the wedding ceremonial processes)

  • Priest or Officiant to preside over the ceremony

  • Musical Entertainment (e.g. chamber music, wedding choir)

  • Decoration (e.g. Flower shower, wedding board)

  • Floral Accessories (e.g. Boutonnière, Hand bouquet)

  • Wedding car or limousine

  • Religious or commemorative wedding certificate

  • Access to other church facilities

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 How much do these packages cost?

Wedding-Bali: If you are looking for a basic wedding package consisting of simple floral accessories and event decoration, you may expect to pay a minimum price of approximately US$ 1,800.

Couples who prefer elaborate venue decorations, such as flower arches, flower shower or the scattering of petals for the ceremony can expect package costs to start from a minimum of US$ 2,300.

Do note that charges will be imposed on top of the package price if you require legal wedding documents. Often, there will be a charge for additional guests that turn up for the ceremony. Typically, this fee starts from about US$ 25 per guest.