Discover the charms and delights that these five villas hold!

1. Villa Atas Ombak

Take in the view of the sights surrounding Villa Atas Ombak, and you will agree that there is no better way to name this venue.

Translated to English, the name means ‘villa on top of the waves’. Indeed, this villa does boast an excellent location, as it is situated a few kilometers north of Legian, and is positioned close to the beach. Admire the superb sea views, and you will feel as if you are riding atop the waves of the boundless blue seas.

Apart from offering stunning beach views, Villa Atas Ombak lays claims to a myriad of other charms. Her expansive grounds makes her a perfect setting for wedding events, as she can accommodate a variety of gatherings, ranging from small, intimate groups, to larger ones totalling about one hundred and fifty guests.

Th Sanctuary

2. Villa The Sanctuary 

Step onto the grounds of The Sanctuary, and you will feel as if you have arrived in your very own tropical paradise.

Relax, as you listen to the tranquil sounds of running water in the water fountains. Look about you at the verdant, tropical gardens, and admire the abundance of Balinese flora and fauna it contains!

The Sanctuary offers you the best of both worlds, for she is tucked amidst the dense forests, and provides a peaceful and serene environment. In addition, the villa offers ease and accessibility, for she is located close by to the beach.

The Istana Pool

3. The Istana

Would you like a villa wedding venue located high up on the cliff tops, overlooking the great seas surrounding Bali’s coastal lines? (To be honest, we cannot imagine saying no to this question!)

Team Wedding-Bali offers an unanimous answer to this question, and chimes in enthusiastically: ‘The Istana!’

Similar to Villa Atas Ombak, we find that the Istana is very aptly named, for it translates to mean ‘palace’.

Beautiful and luxurious, the Istana perches calmly atop the cliffs, enjoying the panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean before her. Her lush grounds are home to tropical greenery such as heliconias, ferns and palms, providing a perfect garden setting for hosting wedding receptions, parties and barbeques.

Sanur Residence

4. Sanur Residence

Classy and polished, Sanur Residence’s crisp, white interiors will appeal to those with a taste for simple, minimalist decorations. Young and trendy, she invites her guests to host fun-filled parties on her spacious grounds, and welcomes a variety of entertainers and musical performers.

A stay at Sanur Residence does prove to be an unforgettable one, for she chooses her location well, and has decided to perch herself at a prime location, surrounded by scenic views of rice, sweet corn and tobacco plantations.

She wills you to look far out into the distance. Listen to her bidding, and you will not regret it, for the ravishing views of the coastline and ocean never fails to impress.

Taman Ahimsa

5. Taman Ahimsa

Taman Ahimsa will delight couples and guests with a taste for traditional Balinese decorations, as the quaint ornaments and detailed carvings adds a cultural charm to her stylish interiors.

The gardens of the villa make for great locations to host wedding dinners and parties. We have been fortunate to attend gorgeous weddings held within her grounds, with tents or marquees set up to provide a comfortable and cosy dining experience.

We were also charmed by the bobs of fairy lights bedecking the gardens, casting a warm, romantic glow of light over the joyous guests. If you will take our uninitiated advice, we say – add an oriental touch to your wedding, by hanging up traditional paper lanterns in a myriad of colours in the lush gardens!

Wait for the beautiful view that appears when night beckons, as the lanterns will be transformed into colourful orbs, casting a beautiful reflection over the still surface of the private pool…