Villa Weddings Costs: A Cosy and Intimate Affair
Villa weddings do not always have to be big, pricey affairs!Mention a villa wedding in Bali, and the following image comes to mind - an extensive wedding ceremony and reception in a lush, sprawling lawn, filled with numerous guests amounting to numbers as large as a hundred.Gasp in amazement as you ...
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Villa Wedding: The Costs of Going Large and Luxurious
Know the costs of having a large wedding gathering in the comforts of a sprawling villa!Costs are a huge headache, being one of the main concerns when it comes to planning your dream wedding in one of the gorgeous villas on the sunny islands of Bali.We promise to alleviate you of the pains of budget ...
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3 Brilliant Ideas for Your Wedding Photo-shoot!
Lookin’ for inspiration for your wedding photography shoot? Read on!1. Let’s Take A Deep Dive for Underwater Shoots!Underwater photography shoots are one of the most popular selections that brides and grooms go for!We do not wonder why, for the images often turn out to be breathtakingly b ...
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Expert Advice: We Quiz the Photography Pros!
We poke and probe about the wedding shoots, and gather the best insights!The inquisitive team behind Wedding-Bali probe around behind the scenes, and quiz a series of wedding photographers on the best tips and advice that they have to offer on the widely-discussed subject of wedding photography:W ...
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Bali Brides Ask: Where Can I Hold My Religious Marriage Ceremony?
Here’s a clear and concise answer to one of your biggest queries!For couples who have had their hearts set on holding a religious wedding ceremony in Bali, an essential question that they will raise is: “Where are the venues that I can hold my ceremony at?”The locations that you can ...
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Entertainment Options to Rock Your Bali Wedding
Join us, as we take you through a series of buoyant dance and musical acts!Fireworks: Set the Skies AblazeFill up the velvety night sky with bursts of light!We think that pyrotechnics and fireworks displays are great ways to start off a series of musical acts or live dances for the night. The ...
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Let’s Start Your Wedding Planning Journey!
Feeling a little lost and clueless? Don’t be, for we have prepared an informative article to help you delve into the details of planning your wedding!Hello everyone!We are sure that it is an exciting time for all you brides and grooms-to-be, as you are filled with feelings of joy and anticipation ...
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Bali Wedding Ceremonies: Know Your A-B-Cs
What are the types of ceremonies that I can arrange for at my Bali wedding?Legal, non-legally binding, vow renewal ceremonies, commitment ceremonies...the list goes on!Does the mention of these variety of ceremonies leave you confused and confounded?We do understand that dealing with the ceremonial ...
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6 Burning Questions on Timing Your Bali Wedding
You put forth your questions, and we answer them as best as we can!1. What are the best timings to hold a wedding in Bali? How is the climate in Bali like?Most tourists visit Bali in the months ranging from June to September, due to the presence of lower rainfall and cool gusts of sea breeze. ...
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Bali Brides Ask: What Kind of Visas Should I Get?
Know the types of visas that you or your guests can apply for!The type of visas that you are required to apply for depends largely on your nationality.For all you Bali brides and grooms-to-be, you have the following options:1. Visa-Free FacilityThe visa-free facility entitles you to a stay fo ...
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